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Proof of concept
Exploring the Power of Proof of Concept From a Project Manager’s Perspective

A Proof of Concept is a small-scale resource used to test a more extensive project’s feasibility See why.

staff augmentation vs project outsourcing
Staff Augmentation vs. Outsourcing IT Project

If you need to implement an IT solution but do not have the resources, read this to understand difference on staff augmentation vs outsourcing projects.

vendor lock-in
What Is Vendor Lock-In? 4 Tips To Avoid It

Vendor lock-in can be a significant challenge for businesses. Read article to find out how to avoid it.

IT outsourcing partner
IT Outsourcing Partner: How To Choose The Perfect Match?

Find out when outsourcing is needed and learn 5 tips from a PM on choosing the right IT outsourcing partner.

cloud migration
Cloud Migration: Why Should You Move IT Infrastructure To The Cloud In 2023

What are the benefits of migrating to the Cloud, and when to postpone such plans? Read to find out

Cloud vs On-premises
Cloud vs. On-premises Infrastructure – Which Solution To Choose?

The choice between on-premises and cloud is not obvious. Learn the pros and cons of both solutions and make better strategic decisions.

Custom Software Development.
5 Reasons To Outsource Custom Software Development

I present why outsourcing custom software development is a good choice. Discover the 5 reasons behind it and see how to choose a good contractor!

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