Why is it worth to use Camunda Optimize?

Camunda Optimize provides insight into process performance and allows you to pinpoint areas for improvement. See how!

Insurance Process Management – why should you implement it in your company?

Business Process Management for insurance can increase efficiency and streamline operations. Find out how.

Camunda Embedded vs Camunda Standalone

In this article we will try to dive into both solutions and we will discuss their technical aspects, as well as their business implications. 

How to promote BPM initiative in my company and gain business approval?

So now that you’re past our very technical set of articles, we can gasp for a breath with a relief and move on to more human-related aspect of Business Process Management (BPM) - your company, people you’ll have to talk to, before implementing BPM into the structure.

How do I integrate Business Process Management solution into my architecture?

When implementing a new Business Process Management (BPM) solution into an existing enterprise architecture, organisations often face the following dilemma: how does the new fit to my current stack? How to plan such an implementation, when having a distributed, monolithic or a big, service-oriented architecture?