Testcontainers: How to write reliable integration tests. Our short journey full of optimism

Following this rule, we truly believe, that most of the errors can be eliminated as early as the code-writing process, and as a consequence, we won’t have to waste our time adding corrections to what we’d written. 

N+1 query issue and its solution in Hibernate

Hibernate is one of the most popular frameworks which make the work on accessing databases even easier. It can be used for mapping the objects from the application layer directly into database entity in a very simple manner. The process of creating and editing structures and database models is very quick.

UX-DEV marriage of convenience? Not anymore! Here’s our why

User Experience (UX) design is still a young and prospering profession  which is getting now more and more attention in IT. It’s really good to have at least one UX designer if you’re building a forward-thinking and versatile IT team. There’s just one but - as far as I’m concerned, not all developers are still used to working with them.

Kafka in Spring Boot on Docker

The article presents the basic configuration of Apache Kafka on a Docker container and a microservice built in the Spring Boot framework. This article is a good introduction to understand how applications interact with each other.

Meet Apache Kafka: a streaming data platform

What is Kafka? What is Kafka used for? How does it work? Let's me answer these and many other questions in this article. Here you can find all information that you need to know to understand Kafka.