How to quickly Get Camunda Enablement with Azure 

In this article, I present the technical aspect of how to quickly get Camunda Enablement with Azure and its business implications.

Azure Container Instances vs App Service

In this article I would like to discuss features, pros, cons, as well as differences between two Azure Hosting PaaS services used during development and deployment processes of containerized applications.

Google Firebase – getting started

Been wondering how to start with a brand new tool – Google Firebase?  In the following article we’re going to present to you some of Google Firebase functionalities. Once you’re done with the reading, we assure you, that the very basic know-how you’ve possessed is sufficient to integrate it as a backend-as-a-service platform with your […]

Terraform: how to create an infastructure, part 2

This article presents the second part of an example of creating the infrastructure needed to deploy a simple Spring Boot application with a connection to the Cloud SQL database.

Terraform: how to create an infrastructure, part 1 – introduction

Terraform is a tool to build and modify infrastructure in a secure way. It enables managing the infrastructure of services such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure and many more. Starting your adventure with ’cloud’ services with a specific service provider, the infrastructure is created by web console and by ’clicking’ on necessary resources.