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Process Automation
Recommendations and best practices for proper implementation and adoption of business process optimization and automation.
process mining
Process Mining: Discover The Power Of Data And Improve Business Efficency
Read about process mining, a valuable technology that can help you optimize business and operational processes.
Business process automation
How Can Business Process Automation Impact The Development Of Your Company?
See how business process automation can boost growth and solves various problems that companies face in today's world.
business process optimization
Business Process Optimization – A Key Phase Of BPM
Meet business process optimization, which contributes to eliminating redundancy, streamlining workflows and improving communication.
Legacy Transformation
Get knowledge, tips and techniques on Legacy Modernization from the experts at Devapo and embrace continuous development.
AWS vs Azure Vs Google Cloud Platform - Comparing cloud providers
AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Platform: Dominant Cloud Providers Comparison
Which cloud provider to choose? Introduction and comparison of key features.
telecom bss modernization
Modernizing BSS to unlock 5G potential and increase business value for CSPs
Telecom BSS modernization is needed to provide space for 5G services and improve business management. See what needs to be done to achieve this.
4 Key Situations When You Should Think About Legacy System Modernization
Legacy system modernization is a must for your business to run efficiently. In this article, you'll learn when it is worth transforming your software.
Technology Bites
Get the latest technology knowledge. Inside: tutorials, tricks and descriptions of the tools we use to make our clients more agile.
Cloud agnostic data platform
Cloud Agnostic Data Platform: Maximize Cloud Power
Build a cloud-agnostic data platform that can run seamlessly in any cloud environment. Become data-driven organization.
telecom data
Data Driven Telecom: How to maintain data to monetize its value?
Read this article to know what to look out for and how to handle huge telco data so you can monetize it.
Auto Loader
Using Auto Loader on Azure Databricks
Auto Loader is a feature that allows to quickly ingest data from Azure Storage. Check out our tutorial and use its potential.

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    Software Development
    We share our experience and expert knowledge in the field of bespoke software development.
    IT outsourcing partner
    IT Outsourcing Partner: How To Choose The Perfect Match?
    Find out when outsourcing is needed and learn 5 tips from a PM on choosing the right IT outsourcing partner.
    cloud migration
    Cloud Migration: Why Should You Move IT Infrastructure To The Cloud In 2023
    What are the benefits of migrating to the Cloud, and when to postpone such plans? Read to find out
    Cloud vs On-premises
    Cloud vs. On-premises Infrastructure – Which Solution To Choose?
    The choice between on-premises and cloud is not obvious. Learn the pros and cons of both solutions and make better strategic decisions.
    Product Design
    Explore the "out of the box" side of innovative digital services and products with a dose of design insight.
    UX vs. BA - dream team
    UX vs. Business Analyst – the Dream Team
    How to accelerates the work on the project and facilitates communication between the business and the product vision?
    Why should you invest in UX design service?
    Read and find out, why a Product Designer is an investment with a high rate of return.
    UX-DEV: marriage of convenience? Not anymore! Here’s our why
    Designers often struggle to work with developers and vice versa. See our perspective for better collaboration.
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