How to promote BPM initiative in my company and gain business approval?

So now that you’re past our very technical set of articles, we can gasp for a breath with a relief and move on to more human-related aspect of Business Process Management (BPM) - your company, people you’ll have to talk to, before implementing BPM into the structure.

How do I integrate Business Process Management solution into my architecture?

When implementing a new Business Process Management (BPM) solution into an existing enterprise architecture, organisations often face the following dilemma: how does the new fit to my current stack? How to plan such an implementation, when having a distributed, monolithic or a big, service-oriented architecture?

When should you consider a Business Process Management solution?

Where do other companies usually apply BPM? In this article we share the reasoning behind making a decision to use BPM, alongside with some of the most popular examples of implementing BPM engines. It may inspire a business process automation journey in your organization!