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Behaviour-Driven Development Cucumber
Behaviour-Driven Development and Integration Tests using Cucumber

This article presents basic use and configuration of Cucumber, which makes the process of creating tests in behavior-driven development much easier.

testing and debugging in Visual Studio
4 Tricks to Improve Testing and Debugging in Visual Studio

In this post, I’ll cover some hacks to make testing and debugging in Visual Studio easier.

5 tricks to improve your coding skills in Visual Studio

In this article, I will present tricks that allow you to work faster in Visual Studio. Take a closer look at 5 cases of the issues which can be solved with shortcuts.

What is Vim and how to use it? Vim basics

In this article, you will read a simple manual with basic VIM commands. This is a short tutorial on how to use this tool that is worth getting to know.

7 Chrome DevTools that you need to know as a frontend developer

Chrome DevTools is a front-end developer’s toolkit, mainly used for debugging, optimizing and editing web pages. See its functions.

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