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Rate Limiting in .NET 7
Rate limiting in .NET 7 – different implementation approaches

Read this article to see use cases for rate limiting and different ways to implement it.

Data Orchestration with DBT and Airflow
Building Effective ETL Processes in BigQuery: Data Orchestration with DBT and Airflow

Uncover step-by-step implementation and orchestration techniques for constructing impactful data pipelines that drive informed decision-making.

Data Warehouse, Data Lake, and Data Lakehouse - Comparison of modern data platforms
Data Warehouse, Data Lake, and Data Lakehouse: Comparison of Modern Data Platforms

Explore the differences between Data Warehouse, Data Lake, and Data Lakehouse.

Data Modeling
Data Modeling Techniques For Data Warehousing

Dimensional modeling is one of the key concepts in data warehouse design. Learn about it to run queries and retrieve information.

Telecom infrastructure providers
Digital Transformation To Empower Telecom Infrastructure Providers

Get ahead in telecom business with cutting-edge services & solutions for digital transformation & business efficiency.

Databricks on GCP
Databricks on GCP – How To Get Started?

Leverage the power of Databricks to set up a secure cloud environment to process, analyze and visualize big data.

Regular expressions' case studies for full-stack developers
Regular Expression: Case Studies For Full-Stack Developers

Regular expression might save you lots of hours of work as programmer. See tutorial to learn how to leverage it.

.NET 7 migration
Why should you migrate your .NET Core app to .NET Core 7?

Do you leverage .NET in your projects? See why it’s time to migrate to a new version – .NET Core 7.

Cloud agnostic data platform
Cloud Agnostic Data Platform: Maximize Cloud Power

Build a cloud-agnostic data platform that can run seamlessly in any cloud environment. Become data-driven organization.

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