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Auto Loader
Using Auto Loader on Azure Databricks

Auto Loader is a feature that allows to quickly ingest data from Azure Storage. Check out our tutorial and use its potential.

Load Data into BigQuery
Load Data Into BigQuery: Using Python-Files Formats Benchmark

See three different methods of loading data into BigQuery and choose best for your busienss needs.

APM tools - application performance monitoring solution
Monitor Spring Boot Application Performance With APM tools: Prometheus and Grafana

Explore how to monitor your spring boot application using Prometheus and Grafana APM tools.

GCP Workflows for Data and Machine Learning Pipelines
Use GCP Workflows to Orchestrate Data Pipelines

I’ll demonstrate how to use GCP Workflows to build a cheap process to load data into the BigQuery data warehouse or create ML processes.

Typesafe API reposnses in Angular with Zod
Type-safe API responses in Angular with Zod

We can’t always be sure if data retrieved from APIs will match our interfaces after time. See how to prevent this problem using runtime validation with Zod.

Azure synapse serverless SQL pool query data lake
Query Data Lake with SQL Database in Azure Synapse – Part 2

Read and find out how to query data in a Synapse serverless SQL pool using SQL database.

Entity Graphs Spring Data JPA
Spring Data JPA and Named Entity Graphs in Action

In this article, you will learn how and when to use the Entity Graph tool.

Query Data Lake with Azure Synapse Analytics
Query Data Lake using Azure Synapse Analytics

See how to set up an environment to be able to query the data lake and process information in Azure.

Cache mechanism
Cache In Microservices Architecture: Implementation And Pitfalls

In this tutorial I will explain what the Cache mechanism is and how to implement it in Sprig Boot.

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