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Mariusz Kujawski
Data Warehouse, Data Lake, and Data Lakehouse - Comparison of modern data platforms
Data Warehouse, Data Lake, and Data Lakehouse: Comparison of Modern Data Platforms

Explore the differences between Data Warehouse, Data Lake, and Data Lakehouse.

Data Modeling
Data Modeling Techniques For Data Warehousing

Dimensional modeling is one of the key concepts in data warehouse design. Learn about it to run queries and retrieve information.

Databricks on GCP
Databricks on GCP – How To Get Started?

Leverage the power of Databricks to set up a secure cloud environment to process, analyze and visualize big data.

Cloud agnostic data platform
Cloud Agnostic Data Platform: Maximize Cloud Power

Build a cloud-agnostic data platform that can run seamlessly in any cloud environment. Become data-driven organization.

telecom data
Data Driven Telecom: How to maintain data to monetize its value?

Read this article to know what to look out for and how to handle huge telco data so you can monetize it.

Auto Loader
Using Auto Loader on Azure Databricks

Auto Loader is a feature that allows to quickly ingest data from Azure Storage. Check out our tutorial and use its potential.

Load Data into BigQuery
Load Data Into BigQuery: Using Python-Files Formats Benchmark

See three different methods of loading data into BigQuery and choose best for your busienss needs.

GCP Workflows for Data and Machine Learning Pipelines
Use GCP Workflows to Orchestrate Data Pipelines

I’ll demonstrate how to use GCP Workflows to build a cheap process to load data into the BigQuery data warehouse or create ML processes.

Azure synapse serverless SQL pool query data lake
Query Data Lake with SQL Database in Azure Synapse – Part 2

Read and find out how to query data in a Synapse serverless SQL pool using SQL database.

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