Why should you invest in UX design service?

Although many people in key positions understand the scope of designers’ responsibilities more and more, it is still believed that they only handle visualizations, and are sometimes called Graphic Designers. Even IT professionals do not fully know, what is the value of a UX Designer in a project. 

In this article, I would like to dispel any doubts about the importance of this role.

UX / UI Designer at Software House is usually a Product Designer

Let’s start from the beginning. When should you start thinking about the role of a designer in a project team? Already at the stage of creating an idea!

So when does the designer start his activities in the project? Maybe some will be surprised, but it’s right at the time the project is created. His tasks at the very beginning include: collecting business requirements and creating an analysis of customer needs. Only after can actually move on to the design phase.

Okay, someone will ask: Why do I need a designer at the very beginning, when we have a Business Analyst who will do practically the same?

Well, it all depends on the specifics of the project. In recent years some positions in the IT world evolved significantly. Nowadays, we say it out loud that the competencies of UX Designers often grow to the role of Product Designers. These include conducting workshops with a business client to gather all data on the digital product idea and its subsequent analysis.

Project Designer
Product Designer makes analysis

Not only an analyst

A Product Designer, which has both User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) skills, is a perfect bridge between stakeholders and developers, who finally implement the designed processes into code.

The Product Designer gets to know all the open cards on the client’s table. Then uses his knowledge and experience to create a product that will satisfy two parties: business and users, based on the analysis and subsequent design steps.

UX Designer focuses mainly on users. In our software house – Devapo, we use the maximum potential of a Product Designer, whose scope of work also applies to contact with the business.

Why is the user important?

Designing digital products is always focused on solving a problem. The recipients are always some users who will ultimately use the developed solution. What happens if the product is unintuitive, underdeveloped, unsightly, and additionally triggers errors?

Achieving a business goal should be as simple, intuitive and problem-free as possible. If our solution causes a bad user experience, it will not only be less pleasant to use, but it will also be disturbing, and not recommended to other potential customers. Such a product will waste the user’s valuable time due to complicated or improperly designed solutions. It may also overruns the customer’s budget, which will need to be increased to fix bugs.

Product Designer is an investment with a high rate of return

Improperly designed product or even process can result in many additional labor hours, which from the business point of view will be inefficient. We can easily count it.

Let’s see it as an example. Mr. John is an employee of the leading insurance company in the country. It takes an average of 5 minutes to issue a digital insurance policy in a custom app. Every day, Mr. John issues about 30 policies, and he works on average 250 days a year. So let’s add up: 5 minutes x 30 policies x 250 days = 625 h. This is the average time that Mr. John spends with a digital product to perform only one process.

Going forward. Suppose a company has 120 such employees around the world who work at a similar pace. This gives us 625h * 120 employees = 75,000h / year spent on application by the company’s employees performing this one process.

What does User Experience give to digital products? SAVINGS

Suppose the above presented solution for an insurance company is audited by a UX Designer, tested with users who share their problems during use, and then re-designed. What could happen?

Let’s assume optimization of the process execution time by 10%, i.e. shortening the policy issuance time from 5 minutes to only 4.5 minutes. What effect will this have for the company yearly?

10% of 75,000 hours = 7,500 hours savings per year. Assuming that such an employee earns an average of € 20 / h, we get 150,000 € savings per year.

Hire a Product Designer – reach a positive User Experience

What is the phenomenon of a Product Designer / UX Designer in a team? When the client only wants to achieve the business goal, the designer brings to the table what he can do best. Designer cares for a deep understanding of users and current solutions on the market to build a perfect user experience while using the product.

Perfect design doesn’t exist

This is my favorite buzzword. Each project can be done better, each process can be improved, lots of things can be made more perfect. Some digital solutions need to be systematically audited and updated, but when and how to do it properly?

User tests

The icing on the cake in the process of designing digital products is testing with users. Having a prepared solution, e.g. in Figma, in a clickable prototype version, we are able to verify what problems and what impressions a potential user has with our project.

Thanks to such feedback, which of course also comes from the business side, we are able to quickly and efficiently make changes to the mockups in Figma, which allows us to save time and effectively eliminate problems.

UX testing
UX testing to improve project

What is the value of a UX Designer in the project?

By answering the question contained in the title of the article, the designer optimizes the process by adapting it to a specific user. This makes the use of a digital product more intuitive, faster and eliminates the likelihood of errors.

I intentionally did not write about visual issues in the above article, because I wanted to draw attention to the aspect that visual qualities are only an addition and a resultant to a well-designed product.

An investment in a UX Designer is certainly money well spent from the company’s budget, taking into account the long-term strategy of using the product in the company.