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Karol Sobota
APM tools - application performance monitoring solution
Monitor Spring Boot Application Performance With APM tools: Prometheus and Grafana

Explore how to monitor your spring boot application using Prometheus and Grafana APM tools.

Entity Graphs Spring Data JPA
Spring Data JPA and Named Entity Graphs in Action

In this article, you will learn how and when to use the Entity Graph tool.

Cache mechanism
Cache In Microservices Architecture: Implementation And Pitfalls

In this tutorial I will explain what the Cache mechanism is and how to implement it in Sprig Boot.

Testing processes in Camunda
Camunda: Testing process paths

In this article, we present a tutorial on how to test the created features in the Camunda Embeded engine

JaVers Automating Data Auditing
JaVers: Automating Data Auditing

In this article, we will introduce the JaVers tool, which allows you to facilitate and partially automate the data audit process.

OptaPlanner: How to use AI algorithms to find the optimal solution to a problem

In this article we will walk through the specification of OptaPlanner and show example use case.

Testcontainers: How to write reliable integration tests. Our short journey full of optimism

Following Tescontainers you can avoid errors during the code-writing process. Check out how. 

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