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Databricks on GCP
Databricks on GCP – How To Get Started?

Leverage the power of Databricks to set up a secure cloud environment to process, analyze and visualize big data.

Cloud agnostic data platform
Cloud Agnostic Data Platform: Maximize Cloud Power

Build a cloud-agnostic data platform that can run seamlessly in any cloud environment. Become data-driven organization.

AWS vs Azure Vs Google Cloud Platform - Comparing cloud providers
AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Platform: Dominant Cloud Providers Comparison

Which cloud provider to choose? Introduction and comparison of key features.

cloud migration
Cloud Migration: Why Should You Move IT Infrastructure To The Cloud In 2023

What are the benefits of migrating to the Cloud, and when to postpone such plans? Read to find out

GCP Workflows for Data and Machine Learning Pipelines
Use GCP Workflows to Orchestrate Data Pipelines

I’ll demonstrate how to use GCP Workflows to build a cheap process to load data into the BigQuery data warehouse or create ML processes.

Cloud vs On-premises
Cloud vs. On-premises Infrastructure – Which Solution To Choose?

The choice between on-premises and cloud is not obvious. Learn the pros and cons of both solutions and make better strategic decisions.

Query Data Lake with Azure Synapse Analytics
Query Data Lake using Azure Synapse Analytics

See how to set up an environment to be able to query the data lake and process information in Azure.

Azure Container Instances vs App Service

In this article, we will compare two Azure Hosting PaaS services used during the processes of developing and deploying containerized applications.

Google Firebase – getting started

Meet key Google Firebase functionalities. Read and know how to integrate it with your front-end application as a backend service platform. 

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