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Telecom infrastructure providers
Digital Transformation To Empower Telecom Infrastructure Providers

Get ahead in telecom business with cutting-edge services & solutions for digital transformation & business efficiency.

Regular expressions' case studies for full-stack developers
Regular Expression: Case Studies For Full-Stack Developers

Regular expression might save you lots of hours of work as programmer. See tutorial to learn how to leverage it.

.NET 7 migration
Why should you migrate your .NET Core app to .NET Core 7?

Do you leverage .NET in your projects? See why it’s time to migrate to a new version – .NET Core 7.

cloud migration
Cloud Migration: Why Should You Move IT Infrastructure To The Cloud In 2023

What are the benefits of migrating to the Cloud, and when to postpone such plans? Read to find out

telecom bss modernization
Modernizing BSS to unlock 5G potential and increase business value for CSPs

Telecom BSS modernization is needed to provide space for 5G services and improve business management. See what needs to be done to achieve this.

Auto Loader
Using Auto Loader on Azure Databricks

Auto Loader is a feature that allows to quickly ingest data from Azure Storage. Check out our tutorial and use its potential.

APM tools - application performance monitoring solution
Monitor Spring Boot Application Performance With APM tools: Prometheus and Grafana

Explore how to monitor your spring boot application using Prometheus and Grafana APM tools.

Cloud vs On-premises
Cloud vs. On-premises Infrastructure – Which Solution To Choose?

The choice between on-premises and cloud is not obvious. Learn the pros and cons of both solutions and make better strategic decisions.

Typesafe API reposnses in Angular with Zod
Type-safe API responses in Angular with Zod

We can’t always be sure if data retrieved from APIs will match our interfaces after time. See how to prevent this problem using runtime validation with Zod.

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