Digital Transformation To Empower Telecom Infrastructure Providers

Telecom infrastructure providers

How the telecom industry is leveraging digital transformation?

Our telecom customers are looking for technology solutions that overcome the problems of legacy systems, inconsistent data, disorganized business processes, or respond to new approaches to sales and network management. I will share Devapo’s experience and discuss what solutions have successfully supported telecom infrastructure providers on their digital transformation journey.

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Let’s start with the hot topic – network expansion. In this way, telecommunication companies are trying to keep up with demand, but they also aim to increase wholesale capacity and, consequently, their market share. However, the expansion of such infrastructure is much easier with the support of appropriate ecosystem. If this is your company’s goal, then you should make sure to have the right systems in place to control the growing networks, as well as to better manage your customer base. Here are some examples of solutions that play an effective role in this area.

Solution for Telecommunications infrastructure providers to manage network

Network monitoring and management systems

These types of solutions provide real-time monitoring and analysis of telecom networks. It enables network operators to proactively identify and resolve faults in their infrastructure, optimize network and their performance, as well as ensure quality of service delivery.

Location assessment analysis

Investments are part of the telecom business. To more easily assess the possibilities, you can use a forecast. Data scientists can make predictions based on a data lake and then leverage machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to create easy-to-understand BI reports. Among other things, they can visualize areas where services are still not being provided, presenting information about competitors or the market.

Telecommunications infrastructure providers have access to vast amounts of data generated by their networks. This includes data about their customers, which analysis may help to create better offers. But also network usage information, Internet traffic, location data and more, which can be leveraged for monetization. The simple fact of having such data is not enough to change them into revenue opportunities. 

Data collection and storage 

It is important for service providers to have well-structured, and highly secure systems for storing and processing data. For that, data centers, cloud platforms and other digital technologies can be leveraged. We can help you assess which solution will work best for your company. If you are interested, get a consultation.

Data analytics

Data analysis is another aspect that telecom companies should develop. With access to large data sets, infrastructure providers can use data analytics techniques to gain valuable insights. They can analyze network performance, customer behavior, traffic patterns and other metrics to improve network operations, but also monetize them.

For more information on data monetization and how to take care of data using data engineering techniques in the telecommunications industry, see our data architect’s article

Ensuring superior operational performance is key to reducing costs, mitigating risk and increasing revenue. Take a look at how to transform telecoms back office operations to accelerate seamless workflows.

digital transformation of telecoms

Platform for Wholesale Management

Telecom infrastructure providers enable telecom operators to expand their services and provide access to all households within their reach. As a result, such a provider often maintains relationships with multiple communication services providers. Our telecom clients rely on Open platform for managing processes between multiple contractors, as it facilitates customer acquisition and wholesale through features such as:

  • Product Catalog Management, which allows managing, consult catalog items during several processes, such as ordering process, campaign management, and sales management.
  • A panel for standard customer account management, used for creating, updating, downloading, deleting and event notification.
  • Placing a product order with all the necessary order parameters.

Open source approach should now be a top priority for the telecom sector. That kind of architecture enables interoperability, modularity, and standardization. Telecoms can build flexible networks, integrate diverse elements, and adopt new technologies like virtualization and automation seamlessly. Read more about Open Digital Architecture

We have developed a Platform for Wholesale Management for our client from the telecom industry. The solution is based on TM Forum Open API specifications. In this Case Study, you can read more. 

Business Process Management of Document Workflow

Business process management (BPM) of document workflows involves streamlining the flow of information within an organization by automating and optimizing document-based processes. Optical character recognition (OCR) technology is often used by insurance companies to extract data from various types of documents. However, it is a versatile solution that will also work well in telecommunications, or any organization that wants to improve efficiency and reduce the costs associated with manual document processing.

Arranging the workflow process with OCR in mind can help reduce processing time and minimize errors. In addition, BPM solutions can track the workflow path and verify progress, ensuring that documents move through the process efficiently. These solutions can also automatically load documents into systems from emails and provide an option for manual modification if necessary.

Devapo services supporting digital transformation in the telecom industry

At Devapo over the past 4 years, we have completed more than 10 telecommunication related projects in the areas of BSS optimization, data monetization (data warehousing, management, analytics), or order management. We have proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to leading telecoms in Poland and we can support you in all of the mentioned above areas. If you want to grow, let us help you.

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